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Hans Dolph Lundgren

Born: 1959
Died: -
Nationality: Sweden
Description: Actor
IQ: 160
Hans Dolph Lundgren was born on November 3, 1959 in Stockholm. Actor with an impressive physical, he plays in action movies He currently lives in Marbella and in London with his wife and two children.

Born on November 3, 1959 in Stockholm, Dolph Lundgren (whose real name is Hans) follows the course of the prestigious Royal Institute of Technology in his hometown where he obtained a master's degree in chemistry. Cadet a family of four children, he completely devotes himself to his studies. "I spent so much time reading books over and over that I should have a stain of indelible ink at the tip of my nose," he smiled. "At that time I wanted to follow my father’s steps and become an engineer. Far be any thought of being a movie star or a show business man”. Thanks to a scholarship, Dolph left his country in 1977 to pursue his studies at Washington State University. To improve his daily living as a foreign student in the United States, he found a small job as a bouncer in a nightclub in New York, the Limelight Disco, although he only stayed one year in USA. He then returned to Sweden and got his diploma from the Royal Institute of Technology. After his military service in the navy, he follows the courses of the universities of Sydney and Boston, helped by scholarships. At the end of this marathon school, he showed his parents the highest degree available in the field of mathematics, physics and chemistry. In addition to this scientific mind, Dolph speaks Swedish, English, German, French and Japanese and his IQ is estimated at 160!

This does not prevent him, during his free time, to act in theatre plays and play in an amateur rock band.
Being a scholar does not prevent him fro; taking care of his body. Hardly attracted by the team sports, he turned to martial arts. Karate black belt in 1979, Dolph is so brilliant that he won the title of champion of Europe in 1980 and 1981 in London. He also is the winner of Australian International in 1982. He then becomes coach and captain of the Swedish team of full-contact and contributes to the World Championships in Japan in 1979. For the purposes of film Pentathlon he trains with the US Team of modern pentathlon in 1993. This allows him to participate in the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996 as captain of the U.S. team. It is also with "Pentathlon" that he created his own production company, "Thor Pictures."

Refusing exciting proposals from managers of the world's largest boxing champions in the USA, he still thinks of pursuing studies when he meets the professor of dramatic arts, Warren Robertson, a disciple of Lee Straasberg, founder of the Actor's Studio. A turning point in the course of his existence. It is decided, the giant blond will be an actor.
A vocation, however, that includes alimentary compromises. Dolph works as a model for a few photos for swimsuits. Present on all the walls of Manhattan in light attire, the Swede arrives on the set of “A View to Kill”, the latest James Bond with Roger Moore, thanks to his flirt at that time, the singer Grace Jones. Indeed, this was more than a flirt because Dolph was also her bodyguard. She pushes him to go to the castings for the role of a KGB agent. Participation albeit modest, but which marks the film debut of Dolph wich could have started with Rambo 2 because he had also auditioned to play. But Stallone, a large maker of the film, preferred to keep the robust Scandinavian novice in the elbow to play in Rocky IV despite the reluctance of casting teams and a small accident during the filming. A wise choice, since, in the skin of the glacial Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, Dolph totally eclipses his illustrious partner in the ring, so to become the main attraction and above all become from one day to the other one of the greatest hopes of action films.
Dolph will indeed have the roles available in the register, from cop (on several occasions including once with the son of Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee) to Soviet or American soldier, from peacekeeper thirsty for revenge through former racing driver or aircraft pilote, without forgetting robot soldier created by the U.S. military or demining expert… short Dolph excels at playing villains. And he proves easily into his role as sadistic GI traumatized by the Vietnam War in Universal Soldier, or his performance lit mystique in Johnny Mnemonic alongside Keanu Reeves. But he also knows very well play how to play the nice guy as he proved in Blackjack, TV movie directed by John Woo. Not less than 30 films in which he has played and that prove he is capable of playing in all registers.
The Swedish got married in Stockholm in 1994 with the stylist and fashion and jewelry designer Anette Qviberg, also Swedish. Their honeymoon took place in Marrakech. Together they had two daughters: Sigrid Ida, born April 29, 1996 in Stockholm, and Greta Eveline. Without doubt the greatest happiness of Dolph.

Filmography :
As Director :
2004 : The Defender
2005 : The Mechanik
2007 : Diamond Dogs
2007 : Missionary Man
Actor :
1985 : A View To A Kill : Venz
1985 : Rocky IV : Ivan Drago
1987 : Masters Of The Universe : Musclor
1988 : Red Scorpion : Nikolai Rachenko
1989 : The Punisher : Frank Castle/The Punisher
1990 : Dark Angel : Jack Caine
1990 : Rocky V : Ivan Drago(Flashback)
1990 : Cover-Up : Mike Anderson
1991 : Showdown in Little Tokyo : Chris Kenner
1992 : Universal Soldier : Andrew Scott/GR13
1993 : Joshua Tree : Wellman Santee
1994 : Pentathlon : Eric Brogar
1994 : Men of War : Nick Gunar
1995 : Johnny Mnemonic : Le Precheur
1995 : The Shooter : Michael Dane
1996 : Silent Trigger : Waxman
1997 : The Peacekeeper : Frank Cross
1998 : The Minion : Lukas
1998 : Sweepers : Christian Erickson
1998 : Blackjack (téléfilm) : Jack Devlin
1999 : Bridge of Dragons : Warchild
1999 : Storm Catcher : Jack Holloway
1999 : Jill The Killer / Jill Rips : Matt Sorenson
1999 : The Last Patrol : Nick Preston
2000 : Agent Red : Matt Hendricks
2001 : Hidden Agenda : Jason Price
2003 : Detention : Sam Decker
2004 : Direct Action : Frank Gannon
2004 : Fat Slags : Randy
2004 : Retrograde : John Foster
2004 : The Defender : Lance Rockford
2005 : The Mechanik : Nikolai Cherenko
2006 : L'Inchiesta : Brixos
2007 : Diamond Dogs : Xander Ronson
2007 : Missionary Man : Ryder
2008 : Direct Contact : Mike Riggins
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