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Bobby Fischer

Born: 1943
Died: 2008
Nationality: USA
Description: Chess player
IQ: 187
Fischer, Bobby (1943-2008), American chess player.

Born in Chicago (Illinois) from German parents, Robert James Fischer - said Bobby Fischer - learned to play chess at the age of six years and immediately shows prodigious memory capacities. He becomes at thirteen years old the youngest American champion in junior category, the following year, he is the youngest senior champion. In 1958, he earned the title of international grand master. He left school and then became the only western player who was able to earn a living by only playing chess.

The success of Bobby Fischer is mainly based on a direct and aggressive game . He establishes a record by winning the U.S. championship of 1964-1965 with eleven wins out of eleven games played. In 1968, at twenty-five, he has already won the American championship eight times . In 1971, at the Candidates tournament , he wins twenty parties consecutively. In 1972, as a supreme consecration, Bobby Fischer became the first American world chess champion officially recognized (by ICF, the International Chess Federation), winning at the "match of the century", against the triple title holder, the Soviet Boris Spassky in Reykjavik (Iceland). In 1975, however, he refused to defend his title against Anatoly Karpov (who succeeded him until 1985, in the list of the World Championships winners).

In the years 1980, Bobby Fischer withdrew from the competition. He does not participate in chess tournaments until 1992, when he faces Boris Spassky again, in Sveti Stefan (on the Adriatic island) and Belgrade (Serbia): he won the encounter by ten to five victories then withdrew again. The years 1990 are marked for Bobby Fischer by a non-sports media (his anti-Semitic statements create da real scandal) and his departure for USA. In 2005, after trouble with the American justice (he is accused of tax evasion), he takes the Icelandic citizenship.

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