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Bill Gates

Born: 1955
Died: -
Nationality: USA
Description: CEO, Microsoft
IQ: 160
Gates, Bill (1955 -), American businessman, Microsoft chairman and chief architect of all the softwares of the company, world leader in developing software products for the PC. Bill Gates is the founder (1975) with Paul Allen (a fellow college) of Microsoft Corporation. The success of this company has done of B. Gates one of the most influential players in the computer industry and, in parallel, the richest person in the world.

Born in Seattle (Washington), William H. Gates met Paul Allen at high school . Even college, he learned in 1968, computers and programming languages. That same year the school where he studied buys a teletype connected by telephone line to a mainframe computer. At that time, the school in question is one of the few to offer such access to a computer.

Shortly thereafter, B. Gates, P. Allen and other students manage to convince a local company to give them free access to its PDP-10, a mini-computer that was built by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). In exchange for free access, they will have to find faults and failures in the operation of the machine. B. Gates spends most of his time on the PDP-10 learning programming languages such as BASIC, FORTRAN and LISP. In 1972, B. Gates and P. Allen founded Traf-O-Data, a company which designs and makes computerized machines to perform analyses of road traffic, which brings them into contact with the programmable microprocessor of Intel Corporation.

While he is a student at Harvard University in 1975, Gates teamed up with P. Allen to develop a version of the programming language BASIC for the first personal computer the Altair 8800. The two university classmates give the license to use the software to the manufacturer of the Altair, Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) and create Microsoft (originally Micro-Soft) to develop versions of BASIC for other manufacturers. B. Gates decides to abandon his studies in the first year to devote his time to Microsoft. In 1999, with a fortune estimated at 80 billion dollars, he then became the richest man in the world.

B. Gates also invests personally in other high-tech companies. In 1989, he founded the company Corbis, which is now owner of the largest collection of digital images in the world. In 1995, the company bought Bettman Archives (16 million photos), a part of the collection is planned to be scaned. In 1999, Corbis also bought the Sygma agency, which becomes Corbis Sygma. In 1994, B. Gates and Craig McGaw, a pioneer in the cellular telecommunications industry, become reference investors in Teledesic Corporation, which plans to launch on low-orbit several hundred of satellites to create a global broadband telecommunications network.

In 1998, B. Gates refers to Steve Ballmer, then vice-president of the company, for the post of president, but continues to serve as chief executive officer (CEO). In 2000, he abandoned this latter function giving his place to S. Ballmer to devote himself to developing new products and new technologies.

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