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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Born: 1947
Died: -
Nationality: Austrian
Description: Actor/politician
IQ: 135
Schwarzenegger, Arnold (1947 -), sportsman, film actor and politician, Austrian-born American.

Born in Graz (Austria), Arnold Schwarzenegger has a passion for bodybuilding since he is 13. He emigrated to the USA in 1968 (he obtained U.S. citizenship in 1983). Very quickly, he is refered to as "the strongest man in the world": he won three times the title of "Mr. Universe" (from 1968 to 1970) and seven times that of "Mr. Olympia" (1970 in 1975, and 1980). Meanwhile, he obtained a diploma in management and international economy at the University of Wisconsin.

Robert Altman gives him his first role in The Long Goodbye, 1973. Then Arnold Schwarzenegger takes advantage of his non-standard physical to embody characters made just for him and very muscular like in Stay Hungry in 1976, by Bob Rafelson, and the documentary Pumping Iron, 1976 by George Butler and Robert Fiore , thanks to which he is noticed for the first time by the public, then Conan the Barbarian, 1982 by John Milius and Conan the Destroyer, 1984 by Richard Fleischer, which made him an international star.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays in science-fiction movies: The Terminator, 1984 and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, 1991 by James Cameron, who establishes, in the field, a mix of new criteria combining suspense, action and special effects, Terminator 3: Rise of the machines, 2003 by Jonathan Mostow and Total Recall, 1990 by Paul Verhoeven. The actor specializes in action and adventure films, and invariably meets success: Commando,1985 by Mark L. Lester, Predator, 1987 and Last Action Hero, 1993 by John McTierman, True Lies, 1994 by James Cameron, Eraser, 1996 by Chuck Russell, End of Days, 1999 by Peter Hyams, Collateral Damage, 2001 by Andrew Davis.

Arnold Schwarzenegger however also appears in comedies: Twins, 1988, Kindergarten Cop, 1990 and Junior, 1994 of Ivan Reitman and Jingle all the Way, 1996 by Brian Levant.

Married to Maria Shriver (1986), niece of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Arnold Schwarzenegger made his first steps in public life in 1990 as chairman of the Council for physical activities, appointed by George Bush Sr. to promote physical exercise in schools. Republican Party candidate for the post of Governor of the State of California (which alone constitutes a major economic powers in the world), following the impeachment of the Democrat Governor in office, he was elected with 48.6% of votes in October 2003. With the main objective of balancing the state budget, he imposes savings measures. Militant against global warming, he decided to apply the Kyoto Protocol throughout California. Happy if having revived the Californian economy, having refocused his image in order to seduce a part of the Democratic electorate, while giving assurances to Republican activists in particular in terms of security and immigration, he is re-elected in November 2006 with 55.8% of the votes.
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