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Arne Beurling

Born: 1905
Died: 1986
Nationality: Sweden
Description: Mathematician
IQ: 180
Arne Beurling, born on February 3, 1905 and died November 20, 1986, was a Swedish mathematician. He was a professor at Uppsala University from 1937 to 1954, then at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton in the USA.

He mainly worked on the harmonic analysis, complex analysis and potential theory.

In 1940, he managed, on his own, to decipher a Siemens and Halske T52 machine, used by Nazi Germany, and created a device that enabled Sweden to decipher Germanís teleprinted communications between Sweden and Norway. That is how Swedish authorities knew about Operation Barbarossa before it occurred. This became the foundation for the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA).

Arne Beurling's great-grandfather was Per Henric Beurling (1758 (or 1763) - 1806), who founded a high quality clock factory in Stockholm in 1783.
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