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This website is designed to helping you learn everything you need to know about I.Q. tests and testing. Our free Official I.Q. test is the most accurate I.Q. test you will find online! The reason for this is our dynamic scoring system which grades people based on the scores of everyone that has taken the test so far! So the more people who take this test, the more accurate our testing results are!

After you take the test, be sure to save the Certificate image provided as this will contain your individual Certificate ID and Certification Number. As more people take this test, you may notice your IQ changing slightly, so using the numbers on your certificate will allow you to track your score, however, don't expect this to change much, as our current scoring trend is an almost exact match with the standard scoring distribution curve. For such a short Online I.Q. test, the accuracy is remarkable!

Most online tests will give you results which are extremely high, so please don´t be disappointed if our test gives you an average score, it is only normal for most people to be average!

Statistically the following statements are true about IQ scores obtained by taking this test:

  • IQ of 100 is higher than 50% of all persons taking this test.
  • IQ of 110 is higher than 75% of all persons taking this test.
  • IQ of 120 is higher than 93% of all persons taking this test.
  • IQ of 130 is higher than 98% of all persons taking this test.

What IQ scores represent, and what is your rank compared to your result

Average: 85 - 115 Above average: 115 - 125
Gifted Borderline Genius: 125 - 135
Highly gifted and appearing to be a Genius to most others: 135 - 145
Genius: 145 - 165
High genius: 166 - 180
Highest genius: 181 - 200
Beyond being measurable genius: Over 200

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